• Hallowe’en

    The last man on Earth sat alone in a room.
    There was a knock on the door...

    (Knock, by Fredric Brown)

  • London International Animation Festival

    Animation mania continues at The Wall of Art, with reviews, interviews and exclusive images from a multitude of animated films shown at the LIAF, which took place 26th August - 4th September at the Barbican Centre, London.


Hallowe’en week starts with this dark portrayal of the arch-villainess Maleficent…


LIAF International Programme 5

The fifth of the competition programmes for the London International Animation Festival took place on August 30th at the Barbican Centre, London – featuring yet another set of exciting and stunning animated shorts, including the acclaimed Lipsett Diaries by Canadian animator Theodore Ushev and the adult comedy Bertie Crisp. ‘Bertie Crisp’ (Francesca Adams, UK, 2011) http://bertiecrisp.co.uk/ Featuring … Continue reading

LIAF British Showcase

The London International Animation Festival hosted a night dedicated to the best of British animation. Shooting People presents: British Showcase took place on Thursday 1st September at the Barbican Centre in London to a packed house of animation enthusiasts. 11 of the animators whose work was shown were present at the event, and they were … Continue reading

Dollhouse issue 4 cover by Phil Noto

Review: Dollhouse Epitaphs 1-3

After Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse came to a premature end at the hands of short-sighted Fox executives the creative team behind the show took the logical next step and followed fellow Whedon series Buffy and Firefly into the world of Dark Horse comics. To date there have been four issues of Dollhouse: Epitaphs (issues 1-3 and … Continue reading

LIAF International Programme 2 – CGI vs HMI

Stick figure dental extraction, 8-bit games taking over the world,and the loneliness of modern warfare: animation at its best. Warning: contains chicken.

LIAF Introduces: International Programme 1

Toads getting stuffed down throats, creepy sisters selling child meat, and a secret bee. Welcome to the London International Animation Festival.

Maya Erdelyi

LIAF Technique Focus: Cut-out Animation

Everyone’s made cut-outs at some point in their childhood. It marks the moment when you’re trusted to use a scissor on your own, and it’s as tactile a process as fingerprinting. Cut-outs are the oldest forms of animation, and the LIAF gave tribute to this on 26th August with Technique focus: Cut Outs – an evening of … Continue reading

Phil Mulloy

LIAF Opening Night: Dead But Not Buried (18)

The London International Animation Festival opens at the Barbican with Phil Mulloy’s gruesomely funny animated feature film Dead But Not Buried.

‘Portal: No Escape’ – Portal-inspired short film by Dan Trachtenberg

Portal-inspired short film by Dan Trachtenberg, Portal: No Escape, is a visual feast for fans of the game.

Doctor Who in Comics at the Cartoon Museum

The Cartoon Museum in London is playing host to the excellent Doctor Who in Comics exhibition until the end of October. The Museum is just around the corner from the British Museum and is well worth a visit! The exhibition traces the Timelord’s life in strips from the (frankly bonkers) 1960s/70s World Distributors annuals right … Continue reading